Saturday, September 3, 2016

My LuLaRoe Journey Part One

A few months ago I went to a local LuLaRoe consultant's house to try on some leggings I bought from her Facebook group. It was my first LuLaRoe purchase and I was mostly just a little curious about what the fuss what about. While I was there I decided to try on a few more things. I tried on a dress that I thought wouldn't work on me, guess what? IT WORKED ON ME! I was so excited and wanted to try on more. I ended up leaving her house with 11 items! I was probably her favorite customer that day! On the drive home I thought to myself, "You know what? That was a lot of fun! I want to do this!" I was actually so excited about it, that I pulled over and texted my husband right then and there, "I know what I want to do with my life! I want to be a LuLaRoe consultant!" He texted back, "What's LuLaRoe?" Haha! Now, a few months later we have a basement full of LuLaRoe skirts, shirts, leggings, kimonos and dresses. I've hosted parties, taken pictures and become excited overtime I get a new shipment of inventory!

The clothes! You guys, THE CLOTHES! They're are comfortable! Not only are the comfortable but they're affordable, stylish, fun, modest and practically one-of-a-kind. LuLaRoe only makes about 1200-2000 items using one pattern. They ship them out to various consultants around the US and once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE! If you see an item you like, you need to buy it! You might very well be the only person in your area with that exact dress, leggings, shirt or skirt. Also, the patterns are so fun! My favorites so far have been Bigfoot leggings (my husband is a believer and I tease him about it!), feathers, florals, and solid leggings paired with a fun patterned Irma Tunic.

I was lucky enough to snag the Bigfoot leggings, because they were a legit "unicorn" print. If you're knew to LuLaRoe lingo, a Unicorn print is one that everyone wants and that might be difficult to find in the style and size you want! Like I said above, if you see something you love, you better get it before it's gone! :) 

LuLaRoe's story is amazing. It all started with a woman, DeAnne Stidham, our leader wanting to make a skirt for her daughter. Here's a video the full story:

LuLaRoe's designer, Patrick is equally amazing. 

 I read that before LuLaRoe releases any new style, they test is out on multiple body types to makes sure it's flattering for all! No wonder I fell in love with a dress I thought wouldn't work on me! This company is LEGIT! They knew it would look great on me before I did! I keep telling people LuLaRoe uses magic to sew their clothing items. Maybe it's magic or maybe it's just pure genius and passion, either way I'm so grateful for this company and the confidence they've brought back into my life. I'm wearing clothes I love and feel totally comfortable in, AND I'm able to help other women do the same!

It's so fun to have a customer or friend come over and try on clothes. When they find something they love, you can just see it in their face. I'm so grateful I can be a part of it. As an added bonus, I get to be with my kids, make my own hours and help my family get closer to our dreams. We recently bought a house and want to finish the basement and yard -- which we affectionately refer to as our little dirt patch! We also want to be debt free and travel the world. Because of LuLaRoe I'm much closer to these dreams becoming a reality! I get excited just thinking about it! I get excited overtime another box of inventory arrives! It feels like Christmas every few days I open a new box. I'm happy! I'm fulfilled knowing I'm contributing to our family's income. My children get to watch their mom run a business. I want to teach them that if you put your mind to something and work hard, you can accomplish anything! 

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Now, I'm about to go snuggle my kids an watch a movie, because I CAN! Added bonus: I'm wearing a cute and comfy Cassie skirt and Irma shirt while doing it! :)

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